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Dino Park – Steam Demo Release

Collect, breed, and upgrade your dinosaurs!

British indie game developer Cian Moriarty releases the demo for his second steam game, a charming dinosaur collector game, perfect for a relaxing weekend. Full release coming March 1st.

Dino Park is a cozy idle game about collecting dinosaurs. Watch your dinosaurs level up in real time, earning more money for your park. Create the perfect environment for your dinosaurs to increase the chance of discovering super rare variants!

Key Features:

  • Discover new dinosaurs in booster packs.
  • Feed your dinosaurs to increase their income and sale value.
  • Breed your dinosaurs together to discover super rare variants.
  • Upgrade your park at the shop.
  • 96 variants to discover.

The demo for Dino Park is available via Steam, with the full release coming on March 1st.

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