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Discover Chornobyl Liquidators! The game is available now!

Developers from Live Motion Games, a studio based in Warsaw, Poland, and Frozen Way, a publisher studio based in Cracow, Poland, are pleased to share some significant information regarding their game set in a reality inspired by the Chornobyl nuclear disaster.

Chornobyl Liquidators is now available! The game developers hope that players will have positive experiences exploring the game. They also want to remind that the development of a port for the latest generation consoles will also begin soon.

Additionally, there is an exclusive Supporter Pack available, which includes immersive elements and atmospheric content. This pack allows players to change tools and character skins, customize the game’s HUB, and provides extra graphical and musical elements such as the original game soundtrack and a concept art book featuring carefully selected graphics from the game world.

Chornobyl Liquidators is available for purchase at 19.99 USD.
Chornobyl Liquidators – Supporter Pack is available for purchase at 7.99 USD.

About Chornobyl Liquidators

Chornobyl Liquidators is an immersive sim game inspired by the real-life nuclear disaster that took place in Chornobyl in 1986. What sets it apart from other games inspired by this event is its commitment to historical accuracy, which translates to a high level of realism. In this production, you won’t have to face mutated creatures or anomalies caused by radiation. Instead, you will experience the actual consequences of the reactor failure at the Chornobyl nuclear power plant. The game accurately reproduces not only the events or the language, but also all of the available locations, documents, tools, and items used in Soviet Ukraine during that era. These were all created based on numerous archival photos and documents, memories from individuals associated with the events, as well as exhibits from museums and private collections.

Another crucial aspect of the game is the storyline itself. Developers took great care in creating a mature and emotionally engaging narrative that incorporates moral decision-making. Players can experience the events from the perspective of the Liquidators – the personnel tasked by the government of the USSR to deal with the aftermath of the nuclear disaster. Thanks to this approach, developers succeeded in creating a world where historical realism intertwines with emotionally compelling and immersive gameplay.

Genre Affiliation

Chornobyl Liquidators combines different gaming genres to create an unique experience. On one hand, the emphasis on a high level of realism, portraying events by historical truth, and using authentic source materials indicate a historical game. It also includes elements of survival and simulation games, such as specific mechanics or status effects. An example of this is the in-game stress mechanic, which represents the protagonist’s mental and performance state. Exposure to stress makes it harder to complete quests and in severe cases, can lead to a heart attack, resulting in death. However, stress can be decreased with the help of consumable items like chocolate or cigarettes.

Furthermore, the developers of the game have given a lot of importance to narrative design. With an engaging story, full of significant moral choices, Chornobyl Liquidators is a narrative game to some extent.

Narrative / Story

Game developers have put a lot of effort into creating a captivating storyline and its execution. They have effectively blended a fictional plot with historical accuracy, ensuring that realism is not compromised. Players will assume the roles of fictional characters, yet inspired by true stories. They will visit locations that existed in 1986 and perform tasks that could have been completed by the Liquidators during that period.

In Chornobyl Liquidators, players have a chance to experience the story from different perspectives. In the first and last chapters, they take on the roles of anonymous Liquidators who were tasked with decontaminating the roof of the Chornobyl power plant. These individuals often paid the ultimate price for their mission. The hero of the remaining levels is Sergeant Sergey Aleksandrovich Buryatov, a former soldier and employee of the nuclear plant. In the course of the plot, moral choices are made in his name, and their consequences affect the game’s events and the story as a whole.

Thanks to the protagonists, the players will participate directly or indirectly in episodes that happened between late April and mid-September 1986. Since this is a lengthy time frame, the developers decided to use time jumps and split the game into narrative levels. Each level has different tasks for players to accomplish – sometimes missions focused on aiding civilian populations, other times decontaminating spaces, or acquiring classified documents for KGB, the Secret Service of the USSR.

Chornobyl Liquidators comes with an exciting set of features:

  • Step into the shoes of the Liquidators – eliminate the effects of radiation and experience the chaos from the perspective of heroes who have often paid the ultimate price for their sacrifice.
  • Participate in various missions – from purifying contaminated areas to supporting civilian populations or collaborating with the government.
  • Explore the brand new in-game mechanics – try our proprietary systems of fire extinguishing, breaking down doors, and more.
  • Equip yourself with specialized gear inspired by real Liquidators equipment – make use of the dosimeters, gas masks, flags to mark radioactive zones, and many more.
  • Utilize available items to manage your essential stats – ensure your survival using Propidon medicine or everyday items like Iodine, Cigarettes, or Chocolate.
  • Make difficult moral choices – explore the consequences of your decisions and experience one of two possible game endings.
  • Explore faithfully recreated areas of Chornobyl and Pripyat from 1986 – embark on a realistic journey into contaminated areas which were created based on numerous source materials.
  • Strive to confront the high levels of radiation and work towards saving the world from contamination.
Chornobyl Liquidators – Launch Trailer
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