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Discover the first teaser of the video game Totally Spies! – Cyber Mission

Microids is thrilled to present the very first teaser for the highly anticipated video game, Totally Spies! – Cyber Mission. Embark on a brand new adventure in Singapore, in the universe of the new season of Totally Spies! where action, adventure and infiltration meet. Developed by Balio Studio, Totally Spies! – Cyber Mission will be available on October 31 2024 on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC.

A brand new adventure in the world of season 7 of the series

Taking on the role of Sam, Clover and Alex, players will be plunged into the heart of Singapore, where every street and every corner holds secrets to be discovered. Based on season 7, which is currently being broadcast, players will join Jerry and Mandy, as well as new characters such as Toby, Zerlina and Mei Lin. Whether playing solo or in local multiplayer mode for up to 3 players, they will have the chance to master the art of infiltration, solve complex puzzles and, thanks to a variety of fashionable gadgets, save the world with style!

The story of Totally Spies! – Cyber Mission:

The dazzling trio from Beverly Hills—Sam, Clover, and Alex— is back and they are ready to light up the vibrant streets of Singapore with their spy skills! From the bustling streets of Singapore to Ayia University, embark on an action-packed adventure as you explore all the futuristic spots of the town. But buckle up! As the Spies settle into their new lives, a mysterious menace has emerged to spread chaos and is extending its influence, weaving its presence through the city streets.

Game features:

  • Secret exploration: Take time to explore the city and its various locations. From the Port to the Bubble Spy Café and the famous gardens by the bay, discover dozens of essential collectibles for your missions! But remember, wherever you are, you never known when you’ll get Woohped…
  • Totally incognito: Master the art of infiltration by solving puzzles, collecting items, and remain discreet to avoid being spotted! The mission’s success is at stake.
  • Stylish gadgets: Save Singapore in style with an array of high-tech gadgets. From the iconic Compowder to the sleek laser lipstick, each gadget interacts with the environment, to help outwit enemies, and overcome obstacles in your path.
  • Strength in unity: Play as your favourite spy and join forces with up to 2 friends in local multiplayer mode! Cooperation is key for overcoming challenges and progressing through the missions, as each spy has her unique strength and special gadgets.
  • Just like in the series: Experience an adventure just as if you were in a Totally Spies! episode! Immerse yourself in an original story set in the new season 7 and reunite with all your favourite characters.

Totally Spies! – Cyber Mission will be available from October 31, 2024 in digital and retail versions on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and in digital-only version on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

Totally Spies! Cyber Mission – Reveal Teaser
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