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Do you dare to uncover the truth?

We are proud to announce the upcoming release of Puppet House, an unsettling horror survival game that is coming soon to the PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox. Take on the role of Rick Evans, a photographer with a penchant for forsaken, haunted places, as you uncover the dark secrets of the abandoned home of the late ventriloquist Peter Hill.

Step into the abandoned ventriloquist’s house in this horror survival game. Explore the area around the terrifying mansion and learn the secrets, that should have been forgotten. Solve the puzzles and search for the tools to help you solve the mysterious disappearance of people, who want to know the truth. Do you have the courage to discover what hides in the shadows?

House filled with dark secrets
The local newspapers are full of disturbing reports about the property once owned by the famous but now-deceased ventriloquist Peter Hill. Mysterious screams emanating from inside the house terrify the residents of Field Town. More and more people are disappearing under mysterious circumstances. With each step you take into the house, you discover that the truth is hidden deep in the mansion’s walls. What dark secrets lie within this long-abandoned house?

Mystery hidden in puzzles
Immerse yourself in a series of puzzles that hold the key to uncovering the truth hidden in the dark corners of Peter Hills’ mansion. Pay attention to every detail and discover mysterious notes and newspaper clippings, the contents of which will take you closer to unraveling the mystery. Rise to the intellectual challenge, but beware, for the cursed power that has possessed this place will not make your task any easier.

Terrifying locations around the mansion
Peter Hill’s estate is full of dark and gruesome secrets. Who, or what, is behind the disappearances of the people of Field Town? The answers are close at hand, but are you ready to face what lies beyond them? Immerse yourself in the mysterious mansion and explore the area as you try to uncover the truth. You must find all the clues, but most importantly, you must survive.

Unique Selling Points

  • The terrifying story of a ventriloquist and his puppet.
  • Many hidden riddles and puzzles.
  • The chilling atmosphere.
  • Climatic visuals.
Puppet House I Official Announcement Teaser
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