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DON’T NOD’s Upcoming Koira Takes Part in the Summer Game Fest Edition of Day of the Devs 2024

DON’T NOD unveils new trailer for this wholesome adventure game, with a demo coming this summer!

DON’T NOD and Studio Tolima are pleased to showcase Koira at this year’s Summer Game Fest edition of Day of the Devs 2024, an event highlighting the best upcoming indie titles. Due for release in 2025 (with a playable demo available this summer), Koira is a wholesome adventure game where players embody a forest spirit who saves a puppy. Together, they embark on a musical, hand-drawn adventure to the heart of an enchanted forest.

The trailer highlights the main theme of Koira: friendship, with glimpses of possible interactions and adventures the two enjoy as they grow closer. Play fetch, feed the puppy, traverse the forest, and overcome challenges together as a pair. You’ll also see more of the game’s 2D hand-drawn art and animation as well as the musical aspects of the game: its emotive soundtrack and singing mechanic, which the spirit can use to wake the forest and interact with her new friend. Both are important parts of this dialogue-free game.

Koira is the second third-party game to be published by DON’T NOD and the first game coming out of Studio Tolima, a passionate team of developers in Belgium. Both publisher and developer are excited for the opportunity to showcase Koira at Day of the Devs.

In Koira, you’ll play as a forest spirit trying to get home when she hears a puppy in distress. After saving and befriending the helpless creature, the two embark on a transformative journey where they learn the true meaning of friendship with lots of adventures and puzzles along the way.

Wishlist Koira, out in 2025, on Steam now to be notified when the free playable demo launches this summer.

Koira | A Tale of Friendship Trailer
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