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Dorfs: Hammers for Hire is the latest 4 players co-op party game from awards-winning Argentinian studio Ravegan, available on PC through Steam

A crafting platformer where you and your friends craft weapons and armor from your dwarven workshop, in Dorfs: Hammers for Hire help your patron’s army win the battle, and make your way up the Iron Mountain!

Developed and published by Ravegan, Dorfs: Hammers for Hire is an arcade co-op game about a group of dwarven weaponcrafters and armorsmiths, traveling through the world to wherever the scent of war and gold takes them. The game features a co-op campaign mode, an arcade mode and versus battles in a 2 versus 2 mode, both local and online. All modes can also be played in solo mode!

  • Co-Op Campaign: Up to 4 players can take part in the campaign that takes them across 5 Regions and 30 hand-crafted levels as they make their way up the Iron Mountain, each with its own layout, challenges and hazards.
  • Arcade Modes: Work together to clear 10 more levels in any order of your choice.
  • Versus Battle: Hammer against your friends in this 2v2 Versus mode in any of the 5 arenas to fight in! Same level, same items, same challenges. Only your skills and cooperation will allow you to win!

Local? Online? Solo Mode? Yes! Players can enjoy Dorfs: Hammers for Hire in every way.

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