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‘Dungeon Drafters’ Launches on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation and Xbox, New Trailer Revealed!

A Game that will get you hooked!

DANGEN Entertainment and Manalith Studios announced today that Dungeon Drafters has been released on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation and Xbox digital stores. The long-awaited console release includes all content updates since the game’s initial release on PC, making it the BEST version yet.

Dungeon Drafters invites players to embark on an exciting mystery dungeon adventure unfolding in a realm where magic takes the form of cards, and cards wield enchanting powers. Players choose one of six adventurers with unique starting decks and dive into the secrets of ancient ruins, plunder elusive cards, and strategically use them to triumph over adversaries, on a mission to construct the fabled spell deck destined to rescue the world.

Players engage in exciting tile-based combat where they utilize their spell deck to unleash awe-inspiring combos with different archetypes to reshape the battlefield. Throughout their quest, they will hunt for rare cards, loot treasures and unlock runes, before returning to Adventurer’s Town to redeem booster packs, interact with NPCs, take on quests and play minigames as they prepare for their next daring expedition.

While they delve deeper into the labyrinthine dungeons and discover new lore, they must work toward building their character and perfecting their ultimate spell deck that will banish malevolence from the world forever.

Dungeon Drafters – Console Launch Trailer
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