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Dungeonoid 2 Awakening

Dungeonoid 2 Awakening is an arcade game that mixes classic dungeon crawling with block-busting gameplay. It was developed by Pixel Bones Studio and published by eastasiasoft on the 7th of February 2024.


Dungeonoid 2 Awakening was made in the Unity engine, and in it you control a paddle and move it accordingly to destroy all the blocks that appear on the screen. It reminds me of DX-Ball, which is a breakout game I have played a lot, but with pixel graphics. You are able to choose one of the four heroes of Light to defeat the dark priest, and each of them has their own stats and a different special attack. The heroes available are Roy, a skilled sorcerer, Rin, the youngest priest of the country, Arnold, a strong paladin, and Val, a skilled amazon. The interesting thing is that you can speed up the movement of the ball, and also reset the ball, if you do not touch it for fifteen seconds. There are also Slash and Special attacks, that become available when the attack and mana bar are full, respectively. You also have an inventory, which stores the items that you will buy from the store. As far as power-ups go, a heart recovers one life, an extend maximizes your paddle, mana adds magic points, and a brake reduces the speed of the ball. Full mana fills the magic bar, time recovers nine seconds, and slash fills the attack bar. There are also negative power-ups, such as shrinking the racket, reducing its speed, or inverting the controls, which causes confusion. You will also collect a bunch of items, like coins for points, keys for opening chests, and various gems. The game will end when you will lose all your hearts, but you can continue it by paying half of your total money. You have two credits, then it is game over.

The gameplay is quite interesting, as it is not only breaking the bricks, but also defeating enemies and bosses at the end of each stage. The adventure mode is comprised of six different stages that have different themes to them – both graphically and musically. Getting through stages is quite hectic, since you are on a timer, and it is game over once you run out of time. Besides that, it is pretty entertaining, as it gives another layer to the genre that Dungeonoid represents. As already mentioned, the graphics are portrayed with retro pixel art style, which suits the game well. All in all, I am pretty excited about Dungeonoid 2 Awakening, and I plan on playing it more in the future.

With Dungeonoid 2 Awakening you will experience a unique mix of dungeon crawling and brick-breaking, carefully packed in an interesting action-adventure title. With its four character classes, it offers a replay value, and every player is able choose accordingly to their play style. I am surprised by the fun factor this game has, so I recommend it to all enthusiastic brick breakers out there!


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