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Dwarven tactical roguelite RPG Forgotten Mines launches on 23 July!

Join the dig and reclaim your mine from a plague of orcs and demons.

Brazilian studio Cannibal Goose and Ishtar Games are pleased to announce that dwarven tactical roguelite RPG Forgotten Mines will release on Steam on 23 July! Check out the release date announcement trailer:

Forgotten Mines – Release Date Trailer

A horde of Goblins, demons, and orcs have taken over your long-lost mines – lead the charge against them as you and your dwarven cohort battle their way through procedurally generated rooms to reclaim your Kingdom. Combining the fast pace and unpredictability of roguelite gameplay and the strategic planning of a tactical RPG to overcome the ever-shifting underworld mines. Customize your team with new armor and weapons to maximize the bloodshed during each run to the depths below.

Key features:

  • Lead dwarven clans to reclaim lost mines from goblins, orcs, skeletons, and demons.
  • Procedurally generated rooms demand optimized strategies within limited turns.
  • Diverse character classes and vast equipment options offer customization.
  • Uncover rare gear and legendary artifacts for powerful synergies.
  • Nostalgic old-school graphics create a captivating and rewarding experience.
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