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EARTHLOCK 2 Re-revealed With Cinematic Trailer, New Details On Desert Ships & Dynamic Biomes

Independent developer Snowcastle Games has today unveiled their reworked vision for in-development RPG, EARTHLOCK 2, with a brand new cinematic trailer, along with details on how the game will allow you to transform barron deserts into bursting oasis’ full of life and take control of cool customisable vehicles called Desert Ships.

In EARTHLOCK 2, you, alongside a band of voyagers, stand at the precipice of danger and glory. A vast desert of mystery and possibility awaits for you to explore and transform into an Oasis full of life. You will explore this world with your trusty Desert Ship. The ship starts out as a humble mode of transportation, but with time and effort, it will become your mobile base of operations, and instill fear into your enemies in the desert. Rise to become the most formidable Explorer of Umbra!

Earthlock 2 – Official Cinematic Trailer

EARTHLOCK 2 features a dynamic ecosystem simulator that sees the gameworld change over time and respond to the actions of the player. The Desert of Kor will be your canvas that you can paint with new life, bringing colour and vibrancy to the world. This new life will mean new dangers and challenges for you to deal with and each biome will have different requirements when it comes to nurturing it to its full potential. Doing so will be well worth it, however, thanks to the riches and treasures you will receive to help you on your adventure.

Those rewards will feed into your Desert Ship, the vehicle that will be key to your experience in EARTHLOCK 2. This customisable contraption is a means of transportation, a mobile base and a weapon that will become a reflection of your journey as you grow and upgrade it over time. Tailor it to suit your playstyle, recruit adventures to join your crew, equip it with advanced technologies that give it resilience to harsh elements and outfit it with utilities that will help you survive in the unforgiving desert.

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