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Echoes of the Plum Grove is coming to PC April 29th, 2024

A Heartwarming Farming Adventure where player choices echo through the ages.

With a little hard work, and a lot of heart, you’ll build a community that will stand the test of time in Echoes of the Plum Grove. Brought to you by Unwound Games and publisher Freedom Games it’s setting roots on PC via Steam April 29th, 2024.

Discover the world of Echoes of the Plum Grove!

Embark on a journey to Honeywood, where a fresh start awaits! Dive into the heartwarming world of this cozy farm simulator and build a thriving community that will stand the test of time. From planting and harvesting crops to socializing with locals, there’s always something to do in Honeywood.

Forge meaningful connections with fellow islanders, make friends, and immerse yourself in the warmth of community life. However, not everyone may be open to friendship. Will you be a beloved neighbor, or will you choose to become frenemies with the locals through cheeky insults? The choice is yours in this enchanting world where adventure and friendship await at every turn.

Explore the lush landscapes, forage for rare resources, and master the art of cooking and crafting. With survival at stake you’ll need to make sure your family makes it through the cold season.

Build your farm into a thriving homestead, expand your fields, and create a legacy that echoes through the generations. This game redefines farming simulators, seamlessly blending survival elements, life sims, farming sims, and resource management into one cozy adventure.

‘Echoes of the Plum Grove’ will be available on PC via Steam on April 29th, 2024.

Echoes of the Plum Grove | Release Date Announcement | Freedom Games
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