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El Paso, Elsewhere Launches on PlayStation 5 This Summer; Pre-orders Available Now

Monster hunting, slow-motion action and reality-shifting gameplay arrive to PlayStation with El Paso, Elsewhere.

The critically acclaimed, mind-bending, action-packed neo-noir game El Paso, Elsewhere invites Sony gamers to sink their teeth into the supernatural shooter as the game launches on PlayStation 5 on Sept. 6. El Paso, Elsewhere captured the hearts of critics and gamers around the globe with the cinematic game’s nostalgic 2000s-era graphics, gunslinging gameplay and deeply emotional narrative. Available now for pre-order at all major retailers, PlayStation gamers can pick up a special physical edition that comes with an exclusive poster and a digital copy of the original soundtrack.

Created by Strange Scaffold and published by Nighthawk Interactive, El Paso, Elsewhere is a Max Payne-inspired third-person shooter featuring high stakes gun fights, supernatural monsters, unique slow-motion gameplay and an award-winning soundtrack. Players take on the role of James Savage, a narcotics-addicted monster hunter tasked with tracking down his ex-girlfriend Draculae, a vampire on a mission to end the world. Throughout the story, players fight their way through every bloody floor of a reality-shifting Texas motel to rescue Draculae’s hostages and eventually confront the villain James once loved.

El Paso, Elsewhere releases on PlayStation 5 on Sept. 6 and is available to pre-order now at major retailers

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