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Embark On A Wonderful Journey In ‘Paragon Pioneers 2’ Offering A Feature-Packed City-Building Idle Game

Discover & Conquer Islands On iOS, Android and PC!

Indie game developer and publisher Tobias Arlt is proud to announce the worldwide release of Paragon Pioneers 2, an engaging city-building idle game filled with extensive content promising months of immersive gameplay. Crafted and designed for fans of the genre, Paragon Pioneers 2 is now available on iOS, Android compatible devices and on PC via Steam. A free demo is available across all platforms offering a glimpse of the full version.

Paragon Pioneers 2 Trailer

Paragon Pioneers 2 continues the success of its predecessor offering a comprehensive simulation game where you can experiment with various strategies to enhance your realm. Using a unique blend of city-building and idle-game you will have fun discovering and conquering customizable islands, carefully shaping your empire to satisfy the needs of your citizens. Even with limited playtime, you can build a magnificent palace and establish your legacy as the most renowned leader in Paragon’s history!


  • BUILD your empire with 300+ diverse buildings.
  • PRODUCE 130+ goods using intricate production chains.
  • RESEARCH 200+ unique perks to tailor your playstyle.
  • EXPLORE 3 distinct regions, each offering unique challenges.
  • CONQUER islands using an intuitive and multifaceted combat system.
  • IMMERSE yourself in easy-to-learn gameplay, free from ads and online requirements.
  • RELAX knowing your empire grows, even when you’re not actively playing.
  • OBSERVE your scurrying inhabitants in a charming medieval/fantasy world.
  • SHAPE every island with a unique map generator to suit your needs.
  • ADAPT the game’s difficulty to your preferred play style.
  • ENJOY extensive replay-value with powerful custodians that grant unique abilities.
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