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Embark on an Epic Journey of Family and Hope in Ada: Tainted Soil

Face larger-than-life foes in this pixel-based combat game, coming this summer.

Eneida and La Familia are weaving a tale of hope and love with ADA: Tainted Soil, a hardcore pixel-based combat game coming to PC this summer. In ADA: Tainted Soil, players will embark into a dreamlike world filled with monsters to save their captured family members. They’ll need to harness a dark force that gives them ultimate power – at the risk of corrupting their very soul!

ADA: Tainted Soil – Gameplay Trailer [STEAM]

In ADA: Tainted Soil, a precocious young girl named Ada explores mysterious ruins and is infected with Black Ink, granting her magical powers. While trying to escape a collapse with stolen artifacts, Ada accidentally corrupts the world with the Black Ink. Ada must use her newfound powers to save the world and rescue her family while delving into the Forgotten History of the Old World.

Players will explore a surreal, dream-like world as they track down members of Ada’s family. Blending combat, open-world exploration, and character progression, ADA: Tainted Soil gives players a unique experience that balances a deep narrative with unique mechanics. Players can choose what skills to level up and find resources to tailor Ada’s abilities to their own.

A full list of features include:

  • Test Your Mettle: Deep, progressing combat that keeps players on their toys and features movement-based mechanics.
  • A Beautiful Dream: A beautiful pixel-based art style that lends itself perfectly to the surreal imagery of the game’s story.
  • Play Your Way: Customizable character progression that uses skill progression and resource collection to create unique playthroughs.
  • Plan Ahead or Fall Behind: Challenging boss fights that require tactical approaches to defeat – no amount of button-mashing will overcome these foes!
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