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Eresys is (supposed to be) an action horror game, that was developed (or is still in development) by Ares Dragonis, who is the founder of Dragonis Games, which published the game on the 18th of December 2023. Dragonis Games’ first game, The Shore, was released in 2021, but I have not played it, so I am unable to compare it with this one.


Eresys is a co-op multiplayer game, that can also be played in offline singleplayer mode, which is what I did. There are a few missions available (three of them), and you can play them on two difficulties – Cultist and Madman, which adds creature health, speed, and aggression. I do think of myself as being a madman, but I played the missions on Cultist difficulty, nonetheless. I was doing fine, just cruising the creepy land, collecting book pages, when I got suddenly killed by an otherworldly creature. Hmm, okaay? Let’s play again, and try different tactics. This time, I realised, that the light chases them away, so I survived a bit longer, until I ran of out oil for the lantern I was carrying – I got devoured by the beast once again. Fun stuff, I tell you. I tried a different mission now, again collecting pages, when I got rushed by some sea creatures just to die again. I could not do anything – is Eresys maybe a “die of thousand different deaths” simulator? I frankly do not know.

Another thing that is weird to me, is that the game reached full release with version 0.8. How is this possible? Is the game not even finished yet? The description on Steam does say that teamwork is the key to success, but there is no team present, if you play the game in singleplayer mode. I have no idea why Eresys even includes a solo option, as it would be probably better, if it were online co-op only. As far as the visuals and environments go, I guess they are okay, but nothing breathtaking. I already described the gameplay in the previous paragraph, but I have to reiterate that it is very confusing and to the point of being completely unplayable. The story, as I read on game’s Steam page, is also totally weird, and you could not have guessed it by only playing the game.

Dragonis Games’ Eresys feels completely unfinished, with a weird option that is letting you to play it as a solo experience. I was not able to connect to a co-op session, so that I would be able to test, if that gameplay makes more sense. I, as hard as I possibly can, do not recommend buying it, and it is the first game getting graded with an F.


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