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Experience the Life of Window Cleaner in SKY THE SCRAPER

HYPER REAL, a Japan-based indie game label, has announced the publishing of SKY THE SCRAPER, a rogue-like action adventure game starring a young window cleaner who pursues his dreams.

SKY THE SCRAPER | ティザートレーラー

Developed by the Japanese creator Ryo Kobuchi, SKY THE SCRAPER is an action-packed adventure centering around the life of Sky, a young man who pursues his uncertain dreams while working as a building window cleaner.

The game unfolds in two distinct parts: exhilarating window-cleaning stages featuring wire-actions, and strategic adventure segments where players must maintain Sky’s mental and physical well-being.

Inspired by Kobuchi’s friend who works as a window cleaner, the game depicts the reality of a backbreaking and dangerous job. The game offers a deeply personal narrative of Sky’s life, including tax and rent struggles, conflicts with unsupportive family members, and his determination to pursue his dreams in the midst of it all.

SKY THE SCRAPER will be released on Steam supporting English, Japanese and Traditional and Simplified Chinese in 2024.

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