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Explore, Farm, and Forge Your Own Path in Luma Island

Feel Free Games Unveils Debut Adventure Co-Op Title, Coming to Steam This Fall.

Indie developer Feel Free Games is pleased to announce their debut title Luma Island, an adventure game brimming with possibility, is launching on PC this fall. Explore diverse landscapes, conquer treacherous dungeons, and delve into ancient mysteries, all while building your dream farm and uncovering the secrets Luma Island holds. You can wishlist the game on Steam here.

Luma Island – Official Announcement Trailer

In Luma Island, unravel the island’s hidden mysteries, from forgotten lore to the location of legendary treasures. Adventure isn’t all that awaits! Take a break from your expeditions to cultivate crops, raise animals, and transform your humble caravan into a magnificent manor.

Luma Island empowers you to define your own playstyle with a rich system of professions. Choose from different career paths, including farmer, brewer, jeweler, and blacksmith. Each path offers deep progression, allowing you to grow as an adventurer and collaborate with fellow players to become a Master in your chosen craft.


  • Explore the Island: Traverse the island solving quests and helping the locals through their struggles. Dangerous spider caves, ancient temples, mind-bending puzzles and hidden treasures await you!
  • Build Your Dream Farm: Begin your extraordinary journey in a humble old caravan and rise to the grand achievement of building a majestic manor that you can proudly call your home.
  • Master Your Profession: Pick from several unique in-depth professions each with its own progression path. Upgrade your tools to gather rare materials and collaborate with your teammates to become the masters of your crafts.

Eager adventurers can wishlist the game on Steam.

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