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Exterminate Waves of Alien Insects in Roguelike Hive Jump 2: Survivors May 29

Hive Jump 2: Survivors, the sci-fi bullet heaven roguelike sequel to critically acclaimed action-platformer Hive Jump from developer Graphite Lab and publisher Midwest Games, explosively repels pests on PC via Steam Early Access on May 29, 2024.

Hive Jump 2: Survivors | Release Date Announcement

After a squad of intrepid jetpack jumpers is decimated in an intergalactic ambush, one survivor must escape the hostile planet alone. Engineer a lethal combination of augmentations to annihilate droves of murderous bug-like aliens in a desperate attempt at survival.

Every Jumpers’ not-so-secret weapon? Jetpacks! Strap in and engage the thrusters to dodge incoming hordes and maneuver around obstacles. Zip across lava pools, an icy tundra and rocky terrain while unloading firepower on unsuspecting pests below. Incorporate jetpack enhancements into Jumper builds with augments like additional damage and increased health reserves.

Exterminate enemy hives, slaying a variety of foes from plasma-spewing Bombarders to claw-snapping Crushers. Expert jumpers can opt into manual aiming for control amongst the chaos, while fresh recruits can get a leg up with auto-firing. Convert bug carcasses into currency, exchanging “goo” for weapons, utilities, and relics of varying rarity. Snag precious Amber to boost builds with permanent upgrades.

Select the ideal Jumper for each swat at the swarm. Detonate explosive Tesla orbs with Runabout, discharge deadly poison clouds with Scout, or fry pests to a crisp with Bruiser’s flamethrower. Each Jumper has distinct stats that impact speed, rate of fire, health, and other attributes. Experiment with different combos of power-ups and weapons to prolong survival.

Hive Jump 2: Survivors will be available on PC via Steam Early Access on May 29, 2024 in English language with more localization support to come in 1.0.

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