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Factorio meets Monument Valley in Sixty Four Launching today on Steam

Evolve Simple Machines Into a Thriving Factory in an Extraordinary Minimalistic Universe.

Solo developer Oleg Danilov, in collaboration with the publisher Playsaurus, is excited to announce that the minimalistic simulation and strategy game Sixty Four launches today on Steam at a price of 5.99 EUR | USD, with a 10% off during the first week. In Sixty Four, you will upgrade a factory in an extraordinary world. Progress to unlock new resources and machines, leading to new ways to expand and grow.

Sixty Four Launch Trailer | Coming to Steam on March 4th 2024

In this video you can see the game in action with more detail while listening to the developer commentary about his motivations and inspirations after 4 years of hard work.


  • From Foundation to Complexity.
    Begin your journey with a simple machine generating distinct cubes. Use combinations of cubes to unlock advanced machinery and new gameplay elements.Tailor your tactics to changing terrain and enemy types.
  • An Evolving Factory Adventure.
    Your factory is not just a collection of idle machines; it’s a dynamic environment of challenges and strategy. Face new situations and discover opportunities with every innovative and abstract machine you encounter.
  • A Fresh Mix of Gaming Mechanics.
    Sixty Four combines simple yet engaging elements from idle, incremental, and strategy games. Pursue constant improvement and unravel the secrets behind messages from an unknown entity.

The game texts will be available in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish (from Spain and Latin America), Czech, Dutch, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese (from Brazil and Portugal), Russian, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese and Thai.

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