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Farlands Early Access is coming to Steam on July 24th!

JanduSoft and L&V are excited to announce the release of Farlands in Early Access on Steam on July 24th. This innovative space farming game invites players to leave their busy lives behind and embark on a new adventure at the edge of the galaxy

In Farlands, you will acquire an abandoned planet that promises to be the perfect place for a lifestyle change. Armed with little more than your old spaceship you’ll need to cut weeds, clear paths, reclaim fields, and repair what time has destroyed. Your main goal is to turn that abandoned planet into a thriving homestead.

Farlands offers a unique space exploration experience with collectathon elements. Although your ship has seen better days, it can still transport you between the different planets of the solar system, where you will be able to collect resources to upgrade the farm, the tools and the ship. Resource management will be crucial in order to be able to get enough fuel and not have to sleep in your ship.

In addition, Farlands tucks all its gameplay mechanics, both classic farm games and innovative in the genre, with a pixel art section full of details and color. An experience suitable for all ages where players can spend their time collecting, farming and getting to know the galaxy under beautiful technical backgrounds.

But Farlands is not only about farming and exploration, it’s also about being part of a community. You will have the opportunity to interact with the remaining inhabitants of the solar system, and help them prevent the entire system from collapsing, forging relationships along the way and even finding love.


  • Farming, fishing, bug catching and resource management.
  • Space exploration and resoource gathering.
  • Tools, ship and farm upgrades.
  • Social relationships.
  • And much more!

Farlands Early Access is coming to Steam on July 24th!

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