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Farming, Crafting, and Adventure Awaits in Delverium

Build a settlement, upgrade your gear, and delve deep into this Open World Survival Craft Adventure.

A radiant afternoon farming vegetables and building can suddenly transform into conquering dungeons full of monsters in Delverium, an open-world survival craft game from developer Sagestone Games. Build your dream settlement, cultivate your land, or become a daring explorer – the adventure awaits. How will you answer its call?

Delverium Announcement Trailer

Prepare to craft, explore, and survive in the boundless world of Delverium solo or team up with up to three friends in split-screen or online co-op. From gathering resources and constructing shelters to nurturing farms and recruiting NPCs, your choices pave the way forward. However, the deeper you venture, the more you’ll uncover a hidden truth – a growing threat known as the “Faults.” Unravel the mystery and become the hero Delverium needs to restore balance. Experience the world brought to life with intuitive controls, vibrant 2D Pixel Art, and Audio Design from the BAFTA Award-winning composer Jeff van Dyck (Unpacking, Rome: Total War).

Embark on the Ultimate Survival Adventure in Delverium‘s Expansive Open World. Delverium will be a part of Steam’s Farming Fest from April 29th – May 6th, giving Steam users a chance to take a look at the title for the first time and add it to their wishlists.


  • Frustration-Free Play: With an expandable player inventory and streamlined crafting and survival mechanics, Delverium is an enjoyable experience for any player. Focus on the fun without worrying about fatigue or durability grinding your day to a halt.
  • Delve Deeper: A great peril is infecting the land, and a courageous Hero is needed to restore stability to Delverium. Explore the many exotic biomes, hidden caves, and dangerous dungeons that abound in the land. Uncover lost fragments of lore and hunt down the “Faults” to piece together the hidden truth that lies beneath.
  • Play Your Way: Play the way you want to and enjoy your time in Delverium, whether that be casual farming and settlement building, exciting exploration, or dangerous dungeon crawling. Co-op up with friends and work together to build a settlement or take on the many dangers that await.
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