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Fight Alien Mutations in Sci-Fi Turn Based Adventure – Anomaly Collapse, Now Available On Steam

Assemble a team of 8 furry heroes and collect over 200 items and skills. Sink your teeth into at least 10 hours of deep tactical gameplay.

Spiral Up Games is thrilled to announce the official release of Anomaly Collapse, a strategic turn-based roguelite game set against the backdrop of an intriguing sci-fi world. Developed by the innovative team at Rocket Punch Games, the game takes players on a journey where strategy and unpredictability merge to create a compelling gameplay experience.

Anomaly Collapse is now available for purchase on Steam at a retail price of $19.99 USD. To celebrate the release, gamers can enjoy a special 10% launch discount, pricing the game at just $17.99 USD during the first week of launch.

Anomaly Collapse | OUT NOW on Steam!

Anomaly Collapse plunges players into an enthralling supernatural sci-fi universe, combining the thrill of strategy with the unpredictability of roguelite mechanics. Command a team of furry warriors, each with their own set of abilities, across a one-dimensional battlefield that challenges and refines your tactical ingenuity. With a vast selection of class-specific skills and strategic items at your disposal, confront monstrous adversaries and unravel the complex secrets veiled within this world.

Key Features

A Singular Twist to Traditional Turn-Based Tactics: Dive into a novel approach to turn-based strategy gaming, featuring a unique one-dimensional battle grid that simplifies movement yet amplifies strategic depth. Navigate your way to victory through cunning flanking, stealthy backstabs, and tactical cornering in exhilarating confrontations!

Extensive Combat Arsenal: Uncover over 200 items and skills, offering a rich tapestry of strategic options. Personalize your strategy to fit each challenge, ensuring a gameplay experience that remains fresh and engaging through each playthrough.

Lead a Team of Unique Furry Commanders: Assemble your elite team from a selection of eight unique furry commanders, each endowed with exclusive battle tactics. Craft dynamic team strategies and leverage each commander’s unique abilities for the ultimate battlefield synergy.

Immersive Strategic Depth: Engage in over 10 hours of tactical gameplay focused on strategic depth, where character synergies and dynamic battlefields demand quick thinking and precise planning. Navigate ever-evolving battle landscapes and exploit synergies between characters for tactical superiority.

Anomaly Collapse is officially available on Steam in English, Chinese, Japanese, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian. Buy now and get ready for an epic tactical adventure.

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