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Firenut Games Announces Dark Horror Adventure Game Shines Over: The Damned

Indie publisher and developer Firenut Games is thrilled to announce Shines Over: The Damned, a dark horror adventure game coming exclusively to PlayStation 5 in Spring 2024.

Shines Over: The Damned is a unique adventure experience where your senses will be tested and your reality questioned. Immerse yourself in a mysterious and terrifying world where scares, tension and environmental puzzles surround you, and danger lies in wait.

You have no name, no weapons. There are no friends to protect you. You are alone except for your faithful dog, who will guide you through this dark world and stay by your side.

Beware of the horrors that await you in Shines Over: The Damned. You have been warned. . .

Shines Over: The Damned | A dark horror survival adventure for PS5 | Announcement trailer

Features of Shines Over: The Damned

  • Beautifully created environments using Megascans Technology enhance the dark game storyline.
  • High-tension exploration exposing the terrifying secrets of the world around you – Expect jumpscares!
  • Engaging first-person gameplay with platforming elements to access new areas of the world.
  • Challenging environmental puzzles to solve, each revealing new secrets.
  • Explore a dark and oppressive world with an atmosphere of terror.

Shines Over: The Damned will be launching exclusively for PlayStation 5 this Spring, published by Firenut Games.

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