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Firenut Games Announces Pixel-art 2D platformer Chrysolite, Coming to PC and Consoles This Summer

Indie publisher Firenut Games is thrilled to announce Chrysolite, a narrative-driven, pixel-art 2D Metroidvania-inspired platformer, is coming to PC, PlayStation, Xbox Series S/X and Nintendo Switch in summer 2024.

Developed by solo developer José Manuel Conesa Hernández, Chrysolite is a lovingly crafted platformer that engages players with its intriguing narrative and simple, yet challenging gameplay and uses hand-drawn illustrations to advance the narrative.

Chrysolite will be participating in the Metroidvania Fusion Steam Event running from 4 -11 March, where fans can download the very first demo for the game for free as well as try out other exciting indie Metroidvana inspired indie games. Chrysolite is available to Wishlist now!

Chrysolite | A steampunk dark fantasy metroidvania | Announcement trailer

A brooding knight sits in front of a fire, the darkness surrounding him. His sword plunged into the ground, covered in the dried blood of his enemies. He warns you against going any further, but the intrigue of what lies beyond far surpasses your instinct of self-preservation.

Play as a young thief and explore the dangerous remains of a once-prosperous kingdom. Fight against hordes of terrifying monsters and make your way through challenging platforming sections to uncover the clues to unlock the dark story of the last days of the kingdom.

Chrysolite will launch for PC via Steam, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series S/X and Nintendo Switch in summer 2024 and will be published by Firenut Games.

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