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Firestoke Announces Publishing Partnership With Dysfunctional Developer For It’s Only Money

Fight back from the bottom to take down corporations controlled by the mayor of Rockhaven in 3rd person open world simulation.

Firestoke are pleased and also slightly concerned to announce that they’ve entered into a partnership with developer Usual Suspects to publish their outrageously fun 3rd person open world simulation, It’s Only Money. Despite barely being able to tie their own shoelaces, these clowns have somehow managed to make a ruthlessly compelling and colourful 3rd person open world simulation that supports up to 4-player multiplayer.

In It’s Only Money, you take on the role of an Undercity resident, cast down by the newly elected evil mayor into the sewers and subways. Your goal is to venture to the surface to steal, fight, destroy and, ultimately, take down the corporations owned by the Mayor’s corrupt cohorts. Win back the city block by block as you buy houses, businesses, clothes, cars and whatever else your materialistic heart desires as you become the low-life living the high life.

Make the city of Rockhaven your playground as you complete missions and activities, go shopping, pickpocket the rich, lockpick cars and steal their contents, or hotwire them and take a joyride. Get into fights with the local police department, or simply tour the city and enjoy the fine dining at a Mayor Mart. Whatever. Do it all with up to 3 other friends (or randoms). Steal together, fight together, complete missions together or just hang out in a club and gamble. If you’re feeling competitive, why not engage in various PvP minigames, such as Prop Hunt, where you disguise yourself as couches, fence posts, garbage cans or whatever you can find in the street. Think of it as hide and seek for your inner shapeshifter.

It’s Only Money is currently in Early Access and there is a big new content drop on the way soon when Chapter 2 releases on April 23rd. The vehicle focused update overhauls handling and AI, and adds purchasable garages, new cars, a personal valet and the ability to customise your rides. The update also adds a redesigned opening to introduce players to the game’s open world aspects, as well as the first ‘Side Hustle’, dubbed ‘Courier’. Then there is the debut of bikes and scooters, new properties and clothing to buy, expanded chest and quest rewards, along with other additions and improvements.

It’s Only Money x Firestoke
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