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First Dwarf – The dwarven scout embarks on a do-or-die mission on June 19th

This is the perfect time to gather everything you might need to conquer the floating islands.

Developers from Star Drifters are proud to announce the release date of their latest game – First Dwarf. It will be available in Early Access on Steam starting June 19th. To mark the occasion, they unveiled a new trailer. Players excited to explore this unique blend of genres can also try out the demo version now on Steam.

First Dwarf – Early Access Release Date Trailer

During the open tests held between March and April, almost 25,000 people played First Dwarf. This shows how many players wait for the chance to experience the adventures of the dwarf Tru and his dragoness companion, Ragna. The game attracts players with its diverse gameplay that combines the most desired features of colony survival, action RPGs, city builders, and tower defence games.

The story developed by the team at Star Drifters will immerse players in the world of Driftland, a realm consisting of floating islands. On one of these islands, a dwarf crash-lands while on a mission to find a new home for his kin. The hero must survive in an unknown and hostile environment to transform the island into a haven for future settlers. Fortunately, Tru won’t be alone in his mission. He’ll be aided by the dragoness Ragna and a mighty mech, which he’ll operate himself to move around the island, collect resources, and build.

First Dwarf also features online and local co-op modes, allowing two players to join forces and take on the roles of either the dwarf or the dragoness, exploring, building, and uncovering new adventures together. The fun won’t be limited to just one island. As Tru progresses, he’ll visit various diverse and mysterious locations, expanding the scope of adventure and discovery. Everything is part of an effort to save the dwarves and uncover the truth about the expedition that his father disappeared on years ago.

Key features:

  • Control dwarf Tru, pilot a powerful mech and fly with Ragna the Dragon, each with their skills to upgrade.
  • Build, optimize and look after your colonies.
  • Upgrade, craft and discover new structures, technologies, tools and weapons.
  • Fight tainted enemies by engaging in close combat and by building defensive turrets and walls in advance, preparing not only for monster waves but also natural disasters.
  • Heal tainted animals or purge the island of them – the choice is yours.
  • Unveil the hidden secrets of Driftland and learn the truth about Tru’s father’s past.
  • Embark on an adventure alone or with a friend in co-op assist mode.

First Dwarf will be available in Early Access from June 19th, and all players can already check out the demo on Steam. The title is being developed for PC as well as PlayStation 5, Xbox Series S/X, and Nintendo Switch, where it will be released after the launch of version 1.0.

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