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Flatter Than Earth Debuts Its First Game, Once Upon a Puppet, With Teaser Trailer

Pull on the strings of fate and embark on a grand adventure with Drev and Nieve in the theatrical-inspired world of Once Upon a Puppet. Coming 2024.

Flatter than Earth, an up-and-coming independent game studio, is excited to unveil a teaser video for their upcoming debut game, Once Upon a Puppet. The game, set for release in 2024, is a thrilling journey into a world of theater and puppeteering with a 2.5D puzzle-platformer format designed to captivate a global audience.

Once Upon a Puppet is a magical tale that combines platforming, puzzles, in-depth stories, and danger around every corner, that unfolds within a world ruled by a sorrowful King who yearns to create the perfect story. Players take on the roles of Nieve, a Stagehand exiled to the Understage, and Drev, a Puppet bound to her by a magical spool and thread. As they strive to disentangle themselves and return to the theater above, they retell forgotten stories and uncover the dark secrets of the Understage, ultimately realizing their destinies are intertwined with the fate of the Kingdom of Theater.

Inspired by the art and beauty of theater, Once Upon a Puppet introduces players to a universe of stage play, where a vibrant cast of characters, a plethora of theatrical sets, an array of collectible costumes, a dose of dramatic flair and some wholehearted vaudeville humor all come together, setting the stage for an experience that blends player and performer.

At the heart of the game is its theatrical setting, allowing players to immerse themselves in puppet-inspired gameplay. Players will control both Drev and Nieve, using abilities granted by their puppet strings to navigate through a magnificent environment. Players will control both Drev and Nieve, using their unique abilities to navigate through an exquisite environment.

Once Upon a Puppet will be available on Steam in 2024, with console and platform availability to be determined.

Once Upon a Puppet Teaser Trailer – Flatter Than Earth
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