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Flightpath: Adventures in Venaris

Flightpath: Adventures in Venaris was already released on Steam, by titling it simply Flightpath, on the 26th of January 2023. It is a story-driven shoot ‘em up that was developed by Illogic Games, and in it you can play as one of the three characters available. Every character has its own storyline and the path choices you make affect the story and the outcome of it. It was made available for the PlayStation consoles on the 3rd of April 2024, where it was published by eastasiasoft.


Venaris is a small planetary system where an underground criminal organization known as Syndicate terrorizes the citizens. No one does anything to put an end to Syndicate, and that is where the three playable characters come in place and take matters into their own hands. Flightpath: Adventures in Venaris is a top-down vertical shmup where stage choices you make alter the way how the narrative unfolds. There are multiple paths you can take, every pilot has its own unique content and specific tasks to complete, while the levels are procedurally generated with unpredictable enemy attack patterns. There are ten stages to complete where you need to survive enemy swarms and come out as victorious.

Flightpath, which was made with Unity, features two game modes – Story mode and an Endless mode. It can be played on three difficulties – Easy, Normal and Hard – and I finished the Story mode on the Normal difficulty. You can play the Story mode with three different characters – Kath, an Engineer, A.J., an Ex-Detective, and Max, a Racer, who is also some sort of a rabbit, or something. Beside main story missions there are also some side quests present, and they appear when you fail a mission. You will not need to begin the game from scratch, if you fail, as you will proceed from the mission you have failed in, which is really cool. During missions, you will also be able to stop at a shop, where you can repair the ship’s damage, buy various primary and secondary weapons, armor, shields, and a generator. You will need to own a powerful enough generator to run all the weapons you will acquire for your ship.

I very much enjoyed the Story mode playthrough, even though the game’s graphics do not stand out. Sound-wise, Flightpath’s a bit better, and I liked the gameplay a lot. Its story is not anything to write home about, though, and the paths that you take do not really make a huge difference – you will, however, need to play the game multiple times, if you want to go for the Platinum. And as far the Endless mode goes, it is very fun! You choose between boosters you want to engage on your way to beating your previous high scores. It is addicting and it accompanies the Story mode very well.

All in all, I do recommend getting the game. It is a fun vertical shoot ‘em up with great gameplay, and you can easily finish it in one sitting. You will need to play the game at least three times, once with every character, if you want to complete it, but it is fun enough, so I might just do that!


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