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Fling to New Heights with Kiopioke! – Demo Available Now for Steam Next Fest

Where even a broken wing can’t stop you from soaring!

Prepare to embark on a whimsical and heartwarming journey with Kiopioke!, the innovative 2D puzzle platformer that redefines the meaning of flight. Created by indie developer Hardie Softworks, Kiopioke! is set to captivate players with its unique mechanics and charming narrative. We’re thrilled to announce that a demo of Kiopioke! is available now as part of the June Steam Next Fest.

Kiopioke! introduces players to a precision platforming experience centered on a determined bird with a broken wing who must navigate a vibrant world by mastering the art of wall-poking. By poking into walls, building tension, and launching into the air, players will uncover creative solutions to challenging platforming puzzles. This inventive gameplay mechanic transforms every wall and ledge into an opportunity for exploration and adventure.

Kiopioke Release Date: July 18. Gameplay Trailer

Key features of Kiopioke! Include:

  • Unique Wall-Poking Mechanics: Innovatively overcome the loss of flight by poking into walls, building tension, and launching into the air.
  • Challenging Platforming: Navigate intricate levels filled with obstacles, requiring precision and creative problem-solving.
  • Vibrant Cast of Characters: Meet a diverse group of friends, frenemies, and foes, each adding depth and charm to your adventure.
  • Whimsical Art Style: Enjoy beautifully crafted environments and delightful character designs that bring the world of Kiopioke! to life.
  • Engaging Story: Experience a heartwarming tale of resilience, friendship, and discovery as you help a determined bird soar once more.

Don’t miss your chance to play the Kiopioke! demo during the June Steam Next Fest! Players can wishlist and download the demo now on Steam. Kiopioke! Is coming to Steam later this summer.

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