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Flow of War announced, coming Q3 2024 to Steam!

Flow of War is a classic RTS with Auto-micro. Workers perform their tasks and your Army fighting automatically. Free up your hands to focus on building a strategic defense base and crafting army combos with mighty heroes to destroy enemies on endless procedurally generated maps.

The game was inpired by classic RTS such as Age of Empire 2, Warcraft2 , Warcraft3 … but with modern mechanics and combine of many genres.

Flow of War – Announcement Trailer

Build, Harvest & Defend
Design a well-constructed base not only for good defense but also to allow workers to operate efficiently and perform their tasks in infinitely unique maps.

Three unique races (Humans, Urthans, Demonic)
You will be able to play one of three races each game. Each race’s buildings, units, abilities and Heroes are all unique.

Enjoy fun, Chaotic battles
Embrace the chaos and excitement of battles where multiple units are in action simultaneously.

Unlike other RTS while you have to micro every single unit, in Flow of War they will fight automatically and you can watch them like it’s Esports!

Natural Force Locations
Besides inter-racial warfare, you’ll also battle with neutral factions to secure key locations, gain rewards and special points for upgrading your army.

20+ Custom Game Modes
Play chaotically with numerous enemies on a tiny map. Enjoy Zombie modes where each kill will turn your enemies into a zombie army of your own! You will have so much fun with those modes.

Never play same game twice
Play fully procedurally generated maps, each game offering a unique and never-before-seen map for both standard and custom game modes.

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