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Free Prologue with 4 players co-op will be released on June 20th!

Get ready for a thrilling mix of genres: a cooperative, first-person, open-world fantasy tavern simulator, action, fishing, hunting, exploration, and completing fun and diverse quests. And, of course, COOKING! Play with friends, feed and quench the thirst of the entire world!

The game unfolds in a cozy and beautiful fantasy world. Step into the role of the owner of an abandoned tavern. Work alone or together with your friends to restore the former glory and popularity of the Ale & Tale tavern.

Explore new recipes, participate in hunting and fishing, breed animals, grow plants, complete quests involving unique and amusing characters. Decorate your tavern. Fight against dangers. Cook dishes and drinks that will delight your visitors, and they will repay you with ringing coin!

And remember: owning your own tavern is fun!! And if you want something else – just explore the world, enjoy its beauty and your complete freedom!

Key Features:

  • Play solo or with other players.
  • Coop mode for up to 4 people.
  • Enjoy superior graphics and a dynamic game world.
  • Explore a small, handcrafted open world full of adventures and activities.
  • Complete a variety of diverse story quests and meet unique characters inhabiting the game world.

Engage in whatever your heart desires

Tavern management, cooking, decorating your tavern and crafting, delivering orders, growing plants, breeding animals, hunting, fishing, and much more.

Fight against a variety of enemies and monsters using different types of weapons.

Dive into an ocean of fun and complete freedom of action. Play the way you want and enjoy true pleasure! The Ale & Tale tavern awaits its heroes!

Ale & Tale Tavern – Teaser Trailer
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