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From Exile to Innkeeper Extraordinaire! Purpledoor Studios is Brewing Up Magic Inn

Build your dream inn, forge bonds, and unravel secrets in this enchanting sim.

Purpledoor Studios is brewing up Magic Inn, a cozy inn life-simulator. Take on the role of an exiled wizard-turned-innkeeper, overseeing everything from menus, rooms, guests, and staff in a fully magical customizable inn. Build friendships, collect magical creatures, and unravel the truth behind tragedy as you embark on your journey to become a 5-star innkeeper.

Magic Inn | Announcement Trailer

In Magic Inn, players build the first-ever magical inn, a haven for weary travelers and a springboard for your true mission. Engage in captivating card battles that drive interactions, fostering friendships and building a loyal clientele. Their loyalty becomes your network, a source of information, and potential allies.

As your success blossoms in Magic Inn, so does your network. Leverage these newfound connections to venture beyond. Powerful figures await, guarding a web of deceit you must unravel. Unravel the dark secret that shrouds your past and restore honor to wizardkind.

Key Features:

  • From Humble Beginnings: Embark on a journey of rebuilding your life and restoring honor, all starting with a magical inn.
  • Craft Your Dream Tavern: Manage menus, staff, and rooms to create a fully customizable inn that reflects your personal style.
  • Magical Management: Learn and harness magic spells to enhance your innkeeping skills and streamline operations.
  • Card-Driven Conversations: Engage in conversation-driving card battles that simulate negotiation, persuasion, and attraction to build relationships with guests and staff.
  • Forge Lasting Bonds: Build meaningful connections with guests and staff, unlocking valuable information and potential allies on your journey.
  • Enchanting Companions: Collect magical creatures and items as you explore this wondrous universe, adding a touch of magic to your inn and your quest.

Eager innkeepers can wishlist Magic Inn today to stay up-to-date on development news!

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