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From the Creators of ‘Full Void’ Comes a Brand-new and Exciting Pixel Art Adventure

Award-winning indie studio OutOfTheBit is thrilled to unveil its new project, ‘Nanuka: Secret Of The Shattering Moon’ – A cinematic journey through animation and magic.

Building on the success of the acclaimed and award-winning Full Void, OutOfTheBit is excited to announce its newest venture into the realms of cinematic puzzle platformers with Nanuka: Secret Of The Shattering Moon. This new game promises to bring a vibrant fusion of purely handcrafted animations, engaging combat, and magical adventures set against a believable yet fantastical world.

Nanuka: Secret of the Shattering Moon – Official Announcement Trailer

Slated to release in April 2025, Nanuka is unlike its predecessor, introducing combat mechanics that allow players to navigate challenges with a mix of martial arts and environmental puzzles. The game’s protagonist, a teenage girl with a purple belt in karate, perfectly embodies the spirit of an everyday hero as she courageously faces the mysteries and dangers of her world.

Nanuka will take players on an adventurous expedition through diverse regions, each with its own distinct environmental and architectural influences. Along the way, numerous enemies will endeavor to block your path and fellow allies will come to your aid as the mystery and secrets behind the planet’s moon begin to unravel.

Inspired by the Sicilian landscape, the journey begins on an island that, while initially portrayed as peaceful and picturesque, soon reveals a tale of magical abilities and a looming disaster that players must strive to avert. As the adventure and story progresses, the importance and acceptance of diverse races and beliefs will shine through preciously.

The game’s sound design is once again expertly crafted by the talented Robyn Powell, which perfectly complements the visual feast with an auditory experience that enhances the other-worldly atmosphere of Nanuka.

Targeted at players of all ages, Nanuka: Secret Of The Shattering Moon aims to appeal not only to fans of Full Void, but also to a broader audience that enjoys immersive adventures and platformers.

With a development team consisting of only one developer and two artists, OutOfTheBit strives to release the game on Steam for PC, Mac, and Linux, followed by launches across all major consoles shortly after.

Players can rest assured that Nanuka: Shattering Of The Secret Moon will deliver an adventure that will not only entertain, but also inspire through its storytelling, art, and innovation.

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