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From the makers of Furi and Haven comes survival-climber Cairn

Reach a summit never climbed before in this realistic mountain ascent adventure.

From the stage of Summer Game Fest, French indie studio The Game Bakers is happy to announce Cairn, their new creation after the award-winning Furi and Haven. Cairn takes players on pro-climber Aava’s journey, as she embarks on the ascent of a lifetime to conquer a summit never reached before.

Cairn is a realistic mountain ascent adventure with an intuitive climbing simulation that lets players climb naturally, seamlessly moving arms and legs. Climbers are free to explore the mountain, read the rock face and decide on their route. Climbing is challenging, with difficult sections to navigate, and equipment and pitons must be used wisely. In the unforgiving high-altitude environment, climbers need to manage their resources and physical condition and make the most of what they can find, foraging for food or water or setting up a bivouac.

The team at The Game Bakers has brought on best-in-class reinforcement with an all-star audio team composed of Martin Stig Andersen (Limbo, Inside, Control…) and Lukas Julian Lentz (Cocoon). The stylized art direction and story are the creation of French comic book artist Mathieu Bablet (Carbon & Silicon, Shangri-La…).

True to The Game Bakers’ signature style, players also embark on an unforgettable story, following Aava’s journey on the deadly mountain. She will have unexpected encounters and discover the mountain’s history and hidden treasures. She will also have to decide the sacrifices she is willing to make to achieve her dream.

Cairn is scheduled to be released in 2025 on PC (Steam) and consoles.

About Cairn

Reach a summit never climbed before in this survival-climber from the creators of Furi and Haven. Plan your route carefully and climb anywhere, managing pitons and resources to survive the unforgiving Mount Kami. Discover what Aava is willing to sacrifice to achieve the ascent of a lifetime.


As pro climber Aava, you embark on the ascent of Mount Kami, a summit that has never been reached. Along the journey, meet unexpected companions and hear from those left on the ground. Discover the mountain’s history and decide what Aava is willing to sacrifice to achieve her dream.


Cairn’s realistic simulation allows intuitive climbing: find the best holds and place your hands and feet seamlessly with simple controls. Adapt your posture, effort and balance —if you’re not careful, you will fall!


You are free to climb anywhere. Explore the mountain, read the rock face from the ground and plan your route carefully to reach the top. Solve problems while on the wall to navigate difficult sections. You can climb on anything, so choose your path wisely!


Climbing is challenging: each wall feels like a boss fight. A thrilling challenge for those eager to test themselves, but you can also adjust the difficulty to customise your experience.


Manage your resources to survive during the long ascent: pitons, chalk, finger tape… but also food, water and medicine. Set up bivouacs and explore the mountain to find resources to reach the summit.


In Expedition mode, choose Aava or Marco and attack different mountains your way: select your climbing style (alpine, free solo) and challenges to take on. Compare your performance with other climbers.


An unforgettable experience from the makers of Furi and Haven, with music and sound design by the team behind Limbo, Inside, Control and Cocoon, and art and story by renowned comic-book artist Mathieu Bablet.

Cairn – Reveal Trailer
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