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Funselektor Launches Debut Demo Today for Upcoming Minimalist Racing Management Sim ‘Golden Lap’

Fire up the engines and play the demo now until June 17 as part of Steam Next Fest.

Funselektor and co-development partner Strelka Games have today launched the first demo for Golden Lap on Steam, the upcoming minimalist racing management simulator set during the golden era of open-wheel motorsport. Available until June 17th as part of the upcoming Steam Next Fest digital event, the demo is the first chance for players to go hands-on with the game after its initial announcement earlier in the year.

In the demo, players can tinker with two modes including ‘Quick Race’, where they can select a pre-built team and get right into the action; and ‘Career Mode’, where they can fully embrace their managerial duties with a four-race mini championship and assemble a crack crew of racing specialists, each with their own unique roles and attributes. Once players have chosen their preferred mode, they can manage their team’s budget and sponsorship opportunities, tune their vehicles during the qualifying period before each race, and upgrade them entirely between races to account for a variety of track types.

Golden Lap Demo Trailer

Following the launch of Funselektor’s previous titles, Absolute Drift and art of rally, with a combined total of more than 15 million downloads across PC, consoles and mobile, Golden Lap will be the third game for studio founder Dune Casu, and the first co-developed with Italy-based partner Strelka Games.

Key Features

  • Your Legacy Awaits: Begin your journey through the decades in the fast-paced world of motorsport. As the head of one of the iconic racing teams, you’ll make pivotal decisions that shape the destiny of your drivers and the performance of your cars. Allocate your budget wisely across drivers, support staff, car development, and sponsorships to gain an edge over the competition.
  • Race, Tune, Triumph: Each season brings thrilling challenges with over 14 races. Master the art of strategy, car tuning, and timely pit stops during intense qualifying rounds and high-stakes races. Your decisions will determine the success of your team on the global stage.
  • Climb the Ranks: Every season is an opportunity to etch your name in the annals of motorsport history. Whether you’re turning a struggling team into a championship contender or maintaining a dynasty, your strategic prowess will be the key to your legacy.
  • Minimalist Style, Maximum Strategy: Inspired by the simplicity and elegance of minimalist design, Golden Lap offers a visually captivating and intuitively designed interface that lets you focus on what matters most: strategy and growth.
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