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Galactic Glitch Will be available in Steam Early Access on July 15

Use your Enemies as Weapons in this Physics-Driven Action-Roguelike inspired by Bubble Tanks and Dead Cells.

After 10 years in the making, German indie developer Crunchy Leaf Games is excited to finally announce that Galactic Glitch will release on Steam Early Access this July 15 at a price of 12.99 USD | EUR, with a 25% launch discount during the first week.

Galactic Glitch | Early Access Launch Date Trailer | Out July 15

Galactic Glitch is a unique twin-stick roguelike shooter with physics-based combat. Mixing the top-down arena combat of Bubble Tanks, the fluid and frantic action of Dead Cells, and a healthy dose of crazy physics mechanics, the game challenges the idea of what a top-down shooter should be. Use your grav gun to exploit physics, catching and slingshotting rocks and mines off the walls of the arena. Manipulate enemy rockets and fling them back in their faces, rip parts off enemies to use them as weapons, or even grab and launch enemies into each other.

Key Features

  • Key Features 2D Space-Roguelite – Experience exhilarating twin-stick shooter gameplay combined with the endless replayability of a rogue-lite and the heart-pounding challenge of permadeath.
  • Physics-based Combat – Wield a powerful gravity gun to manipulate the battlefield, hurl massive asteroids, and turn your enemies’ own missiles against them.
  • Multi-Part Enemies – Strategically dismantle foes piece by piece, exploiting their weak spots while avoiding their heavily armored defenses.
  • Dynamic Exploration – Venture into a mysterious, glitched world of star systems, uncovering hidden secrets and valuable items as you chart your unique path.
  • Abilities and Items – Customize your approach with diverse upgrade paths in each run. Unlock new Powers and experiment with creative combinations to craft your ultimate build.
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