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Gamer Tool Studio Announces CLUAIDO: A Revolutionary Procedural Mystery Game Coming to Steam in May 2024

Gamer Tool Studio announces the upcoming launch of CLUAIDO, a cutting-edge procedural mystery game set in a richly immersive environment, where players assume the role of a detective unraveling the sinister murder of Mr. Hamilton. Slated for a demo release in May 2024 on Steam, CLUAIDO introduces an innovative interrogation mechanic that pushes the boundaries of narrative and interactive gameplay.

Experience the Future of Narrative Gaming with Real-Time Interrogation CLUAIDO is not just a game—it’s a gateway to a dynamic narrative universe. Players will find themselves at the heart of a gripping murder mystery, with the unique opportunity to interrogate suspects in real time. Every character within the game is powered by sophisticated AI, capable of reacting spontaneously to player inquiries. This open-ended interrogation system allows for a depth of gameplay previously unexplored in gaming, where players’ questions can lead to a variety of outcomes, influenced by how they choose to conduct their investigation.

Uncover Clues and Solve Puzzles in a Meticulously Crafted World As players delve into the sprawling mansion of the late Mr. Hamilton, they will encounter hidden clues and engage in challenging puzzles. Each piece of evidence and every solved puzzle brings players closer to unmasking the killer, with the game’s procedural elements ensuring that no two playthroughs are the same. The mansion itself is a puzzle box filled with secrets, waiting to be unlocked by the most astute of detectives.

Innovative AI Drives Complex Character Interactions What sets CLUAIDO apart is its groundbreaking use of AI technology, enabling characters to process and respond to interrogations with a level of realism that immerses players fully in their role as detective. This dynamic interaction model ensures that every decision and question can lead down new paths of inquiry, making each gameplay session unique.

The Steam store page for CLUAIDO is now live, offering players a glimpse into the game’s captivating world. While the full demo will be available in May 2024, enthusiasts and future detectives can follow the game’s progress and get ready to step into a world where their investigative skills will dictate the unfolding of a complex murder mystery.

CLUAIDO Trailer – play an open detective game with AI characters
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