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Garden Witch Life unveils gameplay in new teaser trailer

Experience a brand-new magical farm-life RPG soon.

Bring out your cauldrons and potions as the upcoming magical Farm-Life RPG, Garden Witch Life, offers a first look at the enchanting experience awaiting PC and console players! Prepare to embrace the life of a witch starting anew and building a mystical garden to make a home for all adorable creatures. Check out the new teaser trailer for a glimpse at the vibrant realm of witchcraft and gardening.

Garden Witch Life – Teaser Trailer

More thrilling surprises are underway! Garden Witch Life will be featured in the upcoming Steam Cozy & Family Friendly event. Join us from May 30 to June 2, 2024, in this celebration of fun and heartwarming games suitable for all ages! And don’t forget to add Garden Witch Life to your wishlist today!

About Garden Witch Life

Experience a fun, cozy witch life! Your life just took a whimsical turn, and you’re now on a quest to create a magical food forest and make it a home for all kinds of cute creatures!

You are a little witch from the big city who has just lost her job. Life didn’t go as you expected, but now you can start anew on a tiny island full of possibilities!

Immerse yourself in the magical world of Garden Witch Life. Grow your own enchanted garden, design your ancient tree house, and nurture cute creatures. Join a vibrant community, cook delicious recipes with homegrown ingredients, and explore the island’s ancient history.

Key features

  • Transform an old, dead monoculture into a thriving, diverse, magical garden.
  • Create a home for lots of cute creatures — and pet them all!
  • Grow and harvest the freshest organic fruits, vegetables, herbs, and flowers.
  • Discover and cook delicious, unique recipes from all around the world in your magical cauldron.
  • Befriend villagers and help to bring back the spirit of community.
  • Express yourself by decorating your place with your own creations.
  • Explore the island and learn about its ancient history.
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