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Gas Station Simulator Takes a Tropical Trip in ‘Tidal Wave’ DLC Today

Gas Station Simulator, the critically acclaimed management game from developer and publisher DRAGO entertainment, invites eager gas jockeys to take a beach break in the highly-anticipated “Tidal Wave” DLC, available on PC via Steam today.

Oversee a prospective gas station and transform a nearly abandoned tropical island into a flourishing destination for locals and tourists. Manage building expansion and renovations to establish a fuel-driven empire. Earn the trust of temperamental god Chunchumachu through various tasks and by making offerings with coconuts, seashells, and other items. Anger Chunchumachu or neglect responsibilities to face the god’s wrathful flames.

Keep the island clean, maintain a thriving business, and minimize danger. Expand the scope of business with exploration services such as scuba diving and surfboard rentals. Protect patrons from a massive megalodon roaming the nearby waters by taking potshots with a hand cannon. Set sail for a tropical paradise and breathe new life into the island’s community.

Key features:

  • Volcano Meter – Monitor the moods of volcanic deity Chunchumachu, appeasing the god by maintaining facilities and equipment, satisfying customers, and making offerings. Neglect the meter and watch the skies turn red with flames.
  • Gas Station Upgrades – Discover new amenities, decorations, and expansions, all accentuating the island’s aesthetic. In addition to scuba gear and surfboard rentals, boats and jet skis will also need their tanks filled with gas.
  • Weather – Instead of dealing with sandstorms, the island offers new dangers and events, including tides, waves, and thunderstorms, introducing new mechanics and also requiring shore clean up.
  • Accidents – Proper maintenance of facilities and equipment results in a safer environment, preventing customers from being harmed. Alongside safety protocols, keep a massive shark at bay by using hand cannons to deter its fiendish efforts.

Gas Station Simulator: Tidal Wave DLC is available now on PC via Steam, for $14.99 with a 20% launch discount and supports English, French, German, Spanish – Spain, Polish, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Turkish, Czech, Portuguese – Brazil, Ukrainian, Italian, and Portuguese – Portugal languages.

Gas Station Simulator – Tidal Wave DLC – Launch Trailer
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