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Get ready for a feathery journey like no other! Embark on a Whimsical Avian Adventure with Pigeon Simulator Survival – just unveiled on PlayStation!

Soar into the wild antics of “Pigeon Simulator Survival!” Embrace your inner avian adventurer, stir up mischief, outsmart the ‘police,’ and unleash super pigeon powers in this hilarious and whimsical feathered caper. Get ready for a riotous adventure in the heart of the park’s playground!

Pigeon Simulator Survival – Official Trailer | Midnight Works

Date and Venue of Release: Iasi, Romania. January 5th, 2024

Avian Anarchy Unleashed!
Take control of a mischievous pigeon in Pigeon Simulator Survival and wreak feathery havoc across a vibrant park! Outsmart the ‘police,’ earn wanted stars, and become the ultimate avian troublemaker.

Feathered Powers: Unleash Chaos!
Elevate your gameplay with super pigeon powers! Dive into electrifying moves, combine triggers for powerful attacks, and leave both humans and pigeons in awe as you turn the tables in your favor.

Parkside Playground Extravaganza!
Explore a bustling park teeming with life and secrets! From picnics to playgrounds, every corner is a new opportunity for fun and mischief. Brace yourself for a hilarious adventure in the heart of the park’s playground.

Survive and Soar: The Pigeon Challenge!
Manage your pigeon’s health and stamina, devour scattered food items to replenish energy, and engage in aerial acrobatics. Can you survive the challenges of Pigeon Simulator Survival and become the master of feathered escapades?

Availability: Prepare to witness the long-awaited arrival of the thrilling gaming masterpiece, “Pigeon Simulator Survival”! Stay vigilant for the eagerly awaited game launch on January 5th on PlayStation.

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