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Get Ready for Action: The Official Trailer for StarMetal Crusaders is Here

We are thrilled to announce that the official trailer for StarMetal Crusaders is now live! This exciting RTS game, transforms you to Zeta Sector, combining fast-paced battles and strategic depth with a unique anime-inspired visual style. Get a taste by watching the trailer below!

Οfficial Trailer | StarMetal Crusaders

StarMetal Crusaders takes you on a wild and comedic adventure across the galaxy. As the leader of a crew of mercenaries, you’ll navigate the dangerous and unpredictable Zeta Sector, uncover ancient secrets and face off against rival bosses and ancient threats like the parasitic Vulkin!

The game offers engaging gameplay, with high replayability and easy-to-learn mechanics. Players will manage resources, build bases and lead their crews on the battlefield. The game environment is filled with strange encounters and unexpected turns, ensuring a fresh experience every time you play.

Prepare for an unpredictable galactic adventure in the Zeta Sector!

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