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Go Nuts – Squirrel with a Gun Brings a Heavily Armed Woodland Creature to a Neighborhood Near You This August

Maximum Entertainment and developer Dee Dee Creations have revealed that a weapon-wielding rodent will wreak havoc upon your neighborhood when Squirrel with a Gun launches on PC on Aug. 29, with PlayStation and Xbox versions arriving in fall.

Squirrel with a Gun – Release Date Trailer

As shown in today’s trailer, this isn’t just a game about a squirrel with any old gun. Our villain hero is inclined to use all kinds of weapons, from handguns to SMGs and rocket launchers. In Squirrel with a Gun, you’ll find yourself starting out as nothing but a rodent with a dream. However, once equipped with one of the many firearms squirrels so often encounter in nature, you’ll use your weapon to take on the Agents that are hunting you down. You may be less than a foot tall, but you can stir up trouble with the best of them.

This squirrel has more than one trick, though. Need to make a quick escape? Fire off your weapon and use the recoil to propel yourself to safety. With an array of different firearms to collect, RC cars to joyride in and mayhem to start, the world is your acorn in Squirrel with a Gun. Cause chaos, forage nuts, interrupt picnics, steal cake and more to prove you’re one rodent that should not be trifled with.

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