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Goob’s first trailer is here!

Goob is an epic journey into the depths of a mysterious and treacherous underground world. This immersive adventure combines exploring vast and mysterious caves teaming with ferocious monsters, mining for precious minerals, and continuously upgrading your abilities to survive.

Goob trailer 1


Underground World: Immerse yourself in an interconnected underground world filled with mysteries waiting to be unveiled. Traverse treacherous terrains brimming with unique challenges, secrets, and opportunities for discovery.

Mining for Riches: Dig deep into the earth to obtain a wide variety of valuable minerals including; gemstones, and rare crystals. The deeper you go, the more valuable the resources will be.

Abilities and Upgrades: As you progress, your character will gather precious materials to unlock new abilities and powers. Upgrade your offensive abilities to enhance your effectiveness in battle or upgrade your soft skills to increase your chances of survival… The choice is yours.

Exploration Awaits: Immerse yourself in a sprawling and visually stunning world. You’ll encounter a diverse array of formidable creatures and monsters lurking within the shadows. Engage in thrilling battles by using a variety of skills to protect your loot and unravel the secrets hidden beneath the earth’s surface.

Goob’s world invites players to embark on a captivating journey of discovery, survival, and growth. Will you conquer the depths, confront the darkness, and ultimately find a way out of this dangerous world? Start your Adventure soon!

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