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Granny Mildred Uses Tarot Cards to Battle the ‘Karens’ On Steam

Grandma Mildred made her very own Tarot Deck and uses the cards to help her in everyday situations. Now her daughter is saying she should go to the old folk’s home. Mildred will battle her way to independence with the help of her Tarot Cards!

Can Mildred defeat the estranged friend who owes her money? Will she be able to get her grandson’s red-hot Christmas toy? Can she foil the vacuum cleaner salesperson?! Use the cards to help Mildred triumph!

Mildred’s Tarot Battle

Mildred’s Tarot Battle includes 12 card battles including a full-length tutorial. Mildred has loads of special attacks thanks to her Tarot Deck, with new ones added in every battle. Her enemies also have special attacks to unleash on her!

There are cute and funny scenes between each battle to let the player know how well they’re convincing Mildred’s daughter not to send her to the old folk’s home. Mildred is adorable, but that doesn’t mean she’s a push-over!


  • 22 Card Major Arcana Base Deck Designed by Mildred Herself!
  • Easy to Learn, Turn-Based Gameplay with Time to Strategize!
  • Pick Which Cute New Cards You Build Your Deck With!
  • Face Off in 12 Different Battles and an Ultimate Boss Showdown!
  • Numerous Hilarious Special Attacks in Your Deck!
  • Quirky Cut Scenes Lead into Every Battle!
  • Face Unique Enemies with Their Own Zany Special Attacks!
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