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GUARDS!, Available Now on Steam

New Alestead has a disease… and you are the cure! Dispense justice quickly and thoroughly because these criminals wont wait to attack you one at a time.

Wylderzone Studio is proud to announce the release of GUARDS! onto steam! Get ready to kick down doors, bust criminals and cause excessive property damage as you fight to restore law and order to the corrupt city of New Alestead. In GUARDS!, you and up to 3 friends play as under-funded and over-zealous City Watch. When it all kicks off you’re going to have to think on your feet and coordinate with your partners. Just try to make sure you take out more bad guys than other officers in the process!

Where can I play GUARDS!?

Guards! Is available for purchase on Steam for $15 with a 20% off launch discount that will run until March 8th!

Game Features

  • Chaotic physics-based FPS melee combat.
  • Kick down doors and destroy environments.
  • Global stat tracking with the NAPD crime report board.
  • Game Master mode for players to make their own missions.
  • Procedurally generated maps with dynamic weather and time of day.
  • Over 20 weapons including 1 handed, 2 handed, shields, ranged and throwables.
  • Use your surroundings as a weapon – crates, barrels, bits of door, arms… they’re all fair game.

What is GUARDS!?

Called the “Lethal Company of medieval times” and “If you were on a S.W.A.T team in Skyrim”, you’ll play with up to 3 friends, working together as a team to take back control from the three rival factions controlling the city. Complete a variety of missions including hostage rescue, evidence collection, contraband destruction, subdue and arrest in a procedurally generated city. Successful missions award you the intel you need to find the factions’ kingpins and bring them to justice!

GUARDS Release Trailer English
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