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Guild Saga: Vanished Worlds Launching In April After Steam NextFest Debut

Today Ocelot Technologies has announced Guild Saga: Vanished Worlds is launching on PC on April 16 in Early Access. The turn-based RPG, which allows players to explore the magical and mysterious world of Aarde, will also be participating in Steam NextFest from February 5 to February 12. Players can wishlist the game on Steam here.

Guild Saga: Vanished Worlds Announcement Trailer

Guild Saga: Vanished Worlds is an immersive RPG experience inspired by classics like Final Fantasy Tactics and EverQuest. Players are tasked with exploring Aarde, an open world full of magic, danger, and intrigue. Players will explore the new and uncharted country of Andra as they embark on a mission for the Heroes Guild that quickly becomes more complicated than it seems. Heroes will collect allies, find loot to increase their party strength, and battle magical foes to decide the fate of the world.

The game features a unique progression system with over 100 skills to increase across 10 schools, allowing players total customization of their characters. Companions also have unique skill sets that allow players to create a party tailored to their playstyle. No two games of Guild Saga: Vanished Worlds will ever be the same.

Key features include:

  • Expansive World: Immerse yourself in the captivating realm of Aarde, filled with hidden secrets and sprawling landscapes waiting to be explored.
  • Diverse Companions: Forge meaningful bonds with a diverse cast of companions, each with their own unique abilities and storylines that impact gameplay.
  • Tactical Turn-Based Combat: Engage in strategic battles that require careful planning and execution, utilizing a variety of combat tactics and skills to overcome challenging foes.
  • Plentiful Loot: Discover a plethora of powerful weapons, artifacts, and equipment throughout your journey, each with the potential to significantly impact your gameplay experience.
  • Evocative Art: The unique art style of Vanished Worlds has beautifully lit scenes and thousands of customization options for player characters. The game also features an original soundtrack with over 15 tracks.
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