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“Hallways” has Officially Released on Steam

Prepare to immerse yourself in the ultimate survival horror experience. I am excited to announce that “Hallways,” the highly anticipated horror game, will officially launch on June 18th, 2024. This innovative game promises to keep players on the edge of their seats with its unique mechanics and adaptive AI, ensuring no two experiences are ever the same.

About “Hallways”

In “Hallways,” players must manage a series of dark and foreboding hallways while surviving the relentless pursuit of a mysterious entity known as “Whiskers.” The game’s mechanics are designed to challenge your strategic thinking and nerves:

  • Power Management and Hallway Lights: Utilize wall power switches to illuminate hallways and deter “Whiskers.” But use your resources wisely – the building’s power supply is limited, and once it’s gone, you are defenseless.
  • Generator and Laptop Operations: Keep your generator running to charge your laptop, which is essential for completing tasks. These tasks will generate crucial flashlight charges and allow you to manage your security system.
  • Audio and Visual Cues: Pay close attention to audio cues and use your flashlight strategically to light up different hallways and locate “Whiskers” before it’s too late.

Innovative Features

  • Non-Linear Gameplay: With our sophisticated AI, every playthrough offers a unique experience. The game adapts to your actions, ensuring that no two nights are ever the same.
  • Easter Eggs: Discover hidden surprises and special features that add depth and replayability to your experience.

“Hallways” combines resource management, sensory cues, and an ever-adapting AI to deliver a truly immersive survival horror experience. Will you be able to outsmart “Whiskers” and survive until dawn?

Launch Date

“Hallways” is available for download on Steam for $4.49 with a launch discount, released at 10:00am PST. Get ready to face your fears and test your survival skills in the most heart-pounding game of the year.

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