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Handmancers Takes Deckbuilding to a Whole New Level this Summer – Demo Live Now!

Master the Sleight of Handmancers Battling the Forces of Corruption.

Skystone Games and 58BLADES are set to launch Handmancers this summer, with the game’s first ever demo now available during Steam Next Fest.

This unique first-person roguelite deck builder requires the quick thinking of Slay the Spire wrapped in a rock-paper-scissors fight against the forces of corruption. Choose one of three distinct characters – each a master of either stone, parchment, or blades – to wield different styles of magic and build a deck to bring balance back into the mystical world of Handmancers.

Handmancers Announcement Trailer – Demo Available Now

Powerful artifacts swirl into perfection with unstoppable combinations of skills. Learn the secrets of Handmancy as foes rise against you on ever changing maps. Players are constantly tempted by corruption, can you fend off the voices, or fall prey to the dark powers.


  • Build your deck using one of the Lords of the Three Signs (Rock, Paper, and Scissors).
  • Craft stronger combos as you traverse the map of legendary creatures.
  • Customize spells within cards to strategically win battles as you’re rewarded after every fight.
  • With gorgeously stylized visuals, an easy to learn but hard to master gameplay loop, and endlessly replayable content, Handmancers has something for everyone.
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