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HELLCARD Release Date Unveiled: A Firestorm of Adventure Begins on February 1st, 2024!

HELLCARD, the highly-anticipated spin-off of the acclaimed Book of Demons, is set to ignite the gaming world with its official release on February 1st, 2024! Developed by the award-winning Polish studio Thing Trunk, HELLCARD promises a riveting roguelike card game experience that builds on the success of its predecessor – including up to 3 player co-op gameplay!

A Fiery Legacy:

HELLCARD emerges from the inferno of Book of Demons, a title that surpassed 1 million copies in sales, capturing the minds of gamers worldwide. Building on this incredible legacy, HELLCARD takes the adventure to new heights, offering a unique blend of strategic card gameplay set in the dark and immersive world of the Paperverse.

New Tinkerer Class Unleashed:

At launch, HELLCARD introduces the all-new Tinkerer class, bringing a fresh perspective to the underworld. Wield science like a sword against darkness, controlling the means of production, and forge a path, and forge a path through the depths of a mysterious dungeon in a quest for supremacy. The Tinkerer class adds an exciting layer of gameplay depth, providing players with innovative strategies to overcome the challenges that await – while supporting their teammates and dealing considerable damage.

Save the Date:

Mark your calendars for February 1st, 2024, as HELLCARD descends upon gaming platforms, ready to deliver an unparalleled rogue-lite card game experience.

Key Game Features:

  • Dynamic Card Battles: Engage in intense card battles, strategically navigating the perilous depths of a deep, dark dungeon.
  • Go Solo or with Friends: HELLCARD can be played solo with AI companions, or in a group of up to three players cooperatively facing the perils of the dungeon and fighting its monsters together.
  • Unique Paperverse Setting: Immerse yourself in an award-winning pop-up book world presented in a unique artstyle filled with unique challenges and mysteries.
  • Tinkerer Class: Unleash the power of the Tinkerer, a new class with innovative abilities and gadgets.
  • Procedurally Generated: Explore ever-changing environments, ensuring each playthrough is a fresh and challenging experience.
  • Rogue-lite Elements: Embrace the challenge of rogue-lite gameplay, where death is not the end but a chance to grow stronger.

Prepare for a journey into the abyss like never before. HELLCARD is ready to redefine the roguelike card game genre, and on February 1st, 2024, the dungeon will open. Are you prepared to face the swarm?

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