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High Hopes: ‘Project Tower’ Brings Bullet Hell to a Third-Person Shooter Sci-Fi Saga

Project Tower melds intense bullet hell combat with a unique morphing.

French video game studio Yummy Games is excited to officially lift the lid on its debut PC and console title; part engaging and adrenaline-fueled bullet hell blockbuster, part third-person sci-fi shooter epic Project Tower.

In development for PC and PlayStation, and utilizing Unreal Engine 5, Project Tower charges players with transforming to survive, solving puzzles, and taking aim at enemies aplenty as they look to escape their alien prison and regain their freedom.

Taking down a malevolent alien race called the Hiks after their invasion and enslavement of Earth is the order of the day, with humanity’s newly made extraterrestrial emperors trapping the planet’s population in ‘Project Tower’ – a training facility designed to put the Hiks’ army to the test against the provoked prisoners. To increase the challenge for their army, the Hiks granted prisoners the power to morph into other entities.

In Project Tower you will:

  • Master Project Tower’s fast-paced third-person shooter action, laced with the best elements of bullet hell play.
  • Utilise a wide array of firearms to take out alien creatures, and take advantage of your power of mutation to assume the forms of bloodcurdling aliens and fearsome creatures.
  • Take on engaging puzzles that charge you with applying logic to open the path ahead.
  • Experience an intense narrative story.

Project Tower is in development for PC, and PlayStation.

Project Tower – Official Trailer
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